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Curator: Mogîldea Daniela-Elena

The Mycological Herbarium of the Institute of Biology from Bucharest (registered in Index Herbariorum under the acronym BUCM – from Bucharest (BUC) and Mycological (M)) is a public collection, administered by the Romanian Academy (AC) trough the Institute of Biology from Bucharest (IBB), being established in 1928 at the initiative of acad. Traian Savulescu.

On August 14, 1975 the declaration with the number 5035 has been registered at the Office for the Evidence of the National Cultural Heritage by which the 42 000 specimens of fungi were declared as goods susceptible to be included in the national cultural patrimony. The Declaration 5035/14.08.1975 has been completed several times later, in 1980, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1989.

As a result of the research activities within the Institute and exchanges with similar collections from and outside the country, the herbarium was enriched with new specimens. At this moment the collection includes around 137.211 specimens, most of which are phytopatogens. The herbarium contains specimens collected from Romania but also from other countries and holds type specimens, with international importance, arranged in large systematic groups, easing the search for a certain species.

The Mycological Herbarium is a internationally acknowledged public collection, where the best represented groups are: Peronosporales, Uredinales, Ustilaginales, Erysiphales, anamorphic Fungi and Basidiomycetes.

The importance of the herbarium is also increased by the collections: T. Bunea, I. C. Constantineanu, O. Constantinescu, G. Negrean, M. Petrescu, T. Rayss, C. Sandu-Ville, T. Savulescu.

Besides, the BUCM Herbarium is also internationally renowned for its exchange collection Herbarium Mycologicum Romanicum, initiated in 1928 and encompassing 63 volumes.

Materials with exceptional importance:

  • 94 type specimens (nomenclatural types): Holotypus, Lectotypus, Isotypus, Neotypus etc. This number is increasing continuously both as a result of new mycological material and because of taxonomic revisions done by Romanian or foreign specialists.
  • old specimens with historical value;
  • specimens that are included in the National Red List of Macrofungi.

The contact information for the Mycological Herbarium of the Institute of Biology – Romanian Academy has been updated in Index Herbariorum, and is accessible online at and


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