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Junior researcher



Ecology, Taxonomy and Nature Conservation Centre

Institute of Biology - Bucharest

Romanian Academy

296 Splaiul Independentei, 060031 Bucharest, POBox 56-53, ROMANIA

Phone + 4 021 2219202, Fax + 4 021 2219071



Research interests                                                                                                          Up

Main field: Aquatic ecology (hydrochemistry)

-   Evaluation of physico-chemical parameters with essential role in the development of aquatic biocenoses

-   Role of nutrients in eutrophication: trophic state assessment

-   Correlations between nutrients, chlorophyll-a and phytoplankton biomass

-   The management of natural protected areas networks;

-   Environmental impact studies and ecological restoration projects of the various types of damaged areas.


Background                                                                                                                    Up

2007 - 2009    - Master student, Bucharest University (Sistemic Ecology and Sustainable Development)

2003 - 2007  - BSc., Ecology and Natural Science Faculty, Bucharest Ecological University

Position in the Institute of Biology: Research assistant (2006-2009).

Publications                                                                                                                    Up

1. Sandu C., Bloesch, J., Coman, A. (2008): Water quality in the Mures catchment and its impact on the aquatic biodiversity. Transylv. Rev. Syst. Ecol. Res., 6: 99-111.

2. Ionica D., Zinevici V., Moldoveanu M., Parpala L., Sandu C., Florescu L., Dobre D., Coman A., Petrisor A. (2008): Energy flow pathways in Musura Lagoon in 2005-2007 interval: IAD Limnol. Rep. 37, 87-91, Chișinău, Moldova.

3. Pacesila I., Ionica D., Coman A. (2008): Evaluation of metabolic intensity of benthic microbial communities from Musura Bay (Black Sea) using dehydrogenase activity method. IAD Limnol. Rep. 37, pp. 194-198, Chișinău, Moldova.

Projects                                                                                                                          Up


1.  BIOWETMAN: A science based approach to understand biodiversity driven functions and services for wetland management (2008-2009).  Financed by Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office

2.  Assessing the impact of environmental change on aquatic ecosystems in the Danube Delta. Financed by Swiss National Science Foundation (2005 – 2008)


1.  The impact of hydrotechnical alterations on ecological systems from Saint George branch, in view of sustainable development (2008-2010).

2.  The structural and functional diversity of aquatic communities from Musura Bay (Danube Delta) (2005-2007).

Other scientific activities                                                                                                 Up

2006 - Conference participation "Introduction in Xenobiology" presented by Prof. Dr. Radu Popa, Portland State University, USA.

2006 - Summer school:  “Biodiversity : from fundamental concepts to biotechnological application” organizated by the Institute of Biology Bucharest.

2007 - Post graduated course: " Adaptation to stress: survival condition or biodiversity factor” organizated by the Institute of Biology Bucharest.

2008 Jan.- Jun. - marketing courses at British Academy of Business and Communication

2008 Jul. – Training offerded by  TBK Office for Ecology and Lanscape Planning,   Wilhering, Austria

2008 Sept. – Interacademic exchange Kiev, Ucraina

Membership in scientific organizations                                                                            Up


- International Association for Danube Research (IAD)



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