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2014                                                    Top

Ardelean I. Ioan, 2014. The Involvement of Cyanobacteria in Petroleum Hydrocarbons Degradation: Fundamentals, Applications and Perspectives. In Cyanobacteria: Ecological Importance, Biotechnological Uses and Risk Management   ISBN: 978-1-61470-925-1 Nova Science Publishers.

Sutcliffe L., Öllerer K., Roellig M. 2014. Wood-pasture management in Southern Transylvania (Romania): from communal to where? In: Hartel T., Plieninger T. (eds.), European wood-pastures in transition: a social-ecological approach. Routledge, pp. 119–134.

2012                                                    Top

Mădălin Enache, Gabriela Popescu, Takashi Itoh, Masahiro Kamekura, 2012, Halophilic microorganisms from man-made and natural hypersaline environments: physiology, ecology and biotechnological potential, In:  Adaptation of Microbial Life to Environmental Extremes, Novel Research Results and Application, Eds. Helga Stan-Lotter & Sergiu Fendrihan, Springer-Verlag/Wien, p. 173 – 197 (ISBN 978-3-211-99690-4 SpringerWienNewYork).

2011                                                    Top

Ardelean I.I., Peschek G.A., 2011.  The Site of Respiratory Electron Transport in Cyanobacteria and Its Implication for the Photo-Inhibition of Respiration, In: Peschek G.A., Obinger C. & Renger G. (eds.), Bioenergetic processes of cyanobacteria  from evolutionary singularity to ecological diversity, Springer, New York, ISBN 978-9-400-703520, pp. 131-136.

2010                                                    Top

Besozzi D., Ardelean I.I., 2010. Cell biology for membrane computing. In: Paun G., Rozenberg G., Salomaa A. (eds.), Handbook of Membrane Computing, OXFORD University Press, pp. 28-58.

2009                                                    Top

Ardelean I., Moisescu C.,  Popoviciu D.R., 2009. Magnetotactic bacteria and their potential for terraformation, In: From Fossils to Astrobiology, Records of Life on Earth and the search for Extraterrestrial Biosignatures Ed. Springer, Series: Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology, Eds. Joseph Seckbach and Maud M. Walsh.2008, XXXVI, 548 p., Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4020-8836-0, pp. 335-350.

2008                                                    Top

Gheorghe A., Jecu L., Voicu A., Popea F., Roşu A., Roşeanu A., 2008. Biological control of phytopathogen microorganisms with antagonist bacteria, In: G. Marino, E. Bardone and A. Viglia (eds.), Chemical Engineering Transactions, vol. 14, Pubished by AIDIC, ISBN 978-88-95608-02-0, pp. 509-516.

Raimondi V., Palombi L., Longoli D., Cecchi G., Gomoiu I., 2008. A lidar experiment for the characterization of phototrophic and heterotrophic biodeteriogens by means of remote sensed fluorescence spectraIn: Castillejo et al. (eds.), Laser in the Conservation of Artworks, Taylor & Francis Group London, ISBN 978-0-415-47596-9, pp. 157-162.

2006                                                    Top

Ionică D., 2006. Chapter 13 – Benthic Microbial Communities, In: Tudorancea C. & Tudorancea M. (eds.), Danube Delta, Genesis and Biodiversity, Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, ISBN 90-5782-165-6, pp. 293 – 320.

Zinevici V., Parpală L., 2006. Chapter 9 – The zooplankton structure and biodiversity in Danube Delta lacustrine ecosystems, In: Tudorancea C. & Tudorancea M. (eds.), Danube Delta, Genesis and Biodiversity, Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, ISBN 90-5782-165-6, pp. 177 – 210.

2005                                                     Top

Cogălniceanu G., 2005, Electrical control of plant morphogenesis, In: Dutta Gupta, S.; Ibaraki, Yasuomi (eds.), Plant Tissue Culture Engineering, Series: Focus on Biotechnology, Vol. 6, Hardcover, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York,  ISBN: 1-4020-3594-2, pp. 397-415.

2003                                                     Top

Voicu A., Dobrotă S., Ştefănescu M., Lăzăroaie M., Lazăr I., Petrişor I.G., 2003. Chapter 25, In: Calabrese E. J., Kostecki P. T., Dragun J. (eds.), Stimulation of environmental-polluting oil residues degradation by microbial associations, Contaminated Soils, Volume 8, Part VI-Remediation, Amherst Scientific Publishers, Massachusetts, USA, ISBN 1-884940-30-7, 335-342.


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