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2011                                                     Top

Stancu M.M., 2011. Mechanisms of solvent tolerance in marine bacteria. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (Lekkas T. D., ed.) (ISBN 978-960-7475-49-7), Rhodes, Greece, A-1826-A-1833.

2009                                                     Top

Lăzăroaie M.M., 2009. Mechanisms involved in organic solvent resistance in Gram-negative bacteria. Proceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Paris, France, 54: 335-345.

Kleps I., Ignat T., Miu M., Simion M., Teodosiu Popescu G., Enache M., Dumitru L., 2009. Protein-mesoporous silicon matrix obtained by S-layer technology (p NA), Physica Status Solidi C, DOI: 10.1002/pssc.200881024

Lăzăroaie M.M., 2009. Modifications induced by organic solvents to Aeromonas hydrophila IBBCt4, Journal of the Korean Chemical Society, 54(3):325-334.

Ovcharenko M., Codreanu-Bălcescu D., Grabowski M., Konopacka A., Wita I., Czaplinska U., 2009. Gregarines (Apicomplexa) and Microsporidians (Microsporidia) of native and invasive gammarids (Amphipoda, Gammaroidea) occuring in Poland. Wiadomości Parazytologiczne, 55(3): 237-247.

Sandu C., Boroneant, C., Trifu, M.C., Gabor, B., Bloesch, J., 2009. Global warming effects on climate parameters and hydrology of the Mures River Basin. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol., Stuttgart, Germany, 30(8): 1225-1228.

2008                                                     Top

Sandu C., Wehrli B., Bloesch J., Lyashenko A., Afanasiev S., 2008 – Anthropogenic impact on aquatic ecosystems in Danube River Basin – lessons from the past. Environmental safety: issues and solutions, vol.2: 270 – 275, Harkov, Ukraine.

Parpală L., Zinevici V., Florescu L., 2008. Structural and functional role of persistent and dominant taxa of the Danube Delta lacustrine zooplankton. The 30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology, Montreal, 2007, Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol., 30(3): 395-396.

Purcărea C., Roshini F., Guy H.I., Evans DR., 2008. The Sole Serine/threonine  Protein Kinase and its Cognate Phosphatase from Aquifex aeolicus Targets Pyrimidine Biosynthesis, Mol. Cell Biochem., 311:199-213.

2007                                                     Top

Ardelean I., Ignat M., Moisescu C., 2007, Magnetotactic Bacteria and Their Significance for P Systems and Nanoactuators, Proceedings of the Fifth Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing, Sevilla (Spain), pp. 21-32.

2006                                                     Top

Kalchev R., Beshkova M, Musa R., Sandu C., 2006. Seasonal and long-term changes of phytoplankton abundance in the Bulgarian-Romanian Danube River stretch. Limnological Rep. IAD, 36:189-193, Vienna.

Kalchev R., Ionica D., Botev I, Sandu C., 2006. Long-term and seasonal variations of nutrients in the Lower Danube - Bulgarian-Romanian stretch. Limnological Rep. IAD, 36: 371-375, Vienna.

Lingvay J., Lingvay C., Öllerer K., Homan C., Tankó I., Ciogescu O., 2006. Study upon the degradation of underground cables [in Hungarian]. Korroziós Figyelő, 66:4.

Sandu C., Bloesch J., 2006. The River Mures ecosystem – scientific background information as the basis for a catchment approach. Limnological Rep. IAD, 36: 36-40, Vienna.

Sundri I., Ionica D., 2006. Some bacterial parameters in  the Danube stretch near the Cernavodă nuclear-electrical power plant. Limnological Rep. IAD, 36, Vienna.

Zinevici V., Ionica D., Parpala L., Sandu C., Musa R., 2006. Plankton structure in Musura Bay (Danube – Black Sea system) in the condition of year 2005. Limnological Rep. IAD, 36: 422-427, Vienna.

2005                                                     Top

Kleps I., Danila M., Angelescu A., Miu M., Simion M., Ignat T., Bragaru A., Dumitru L., Teodosiu G., 2007. Gold and silver/Si nanocomposite layers, Materials Science and Engineering: C, 27(5 – 8): 1439 – 1443.

Kohler H.R, Triebskorn R., Sandu C., 2005. Monitoring pollution in river Mures. Bull. of the Internat. Assoc. for Danube Res. (IAD), 11:1-6.

Öllerer K., Lingvay J., 2005. Contributions to the study of biodiversity in the Bucharest subway tunnels [in Hungarian]. Korroziós Figyelő, 65:4.

Sandu C., 2005. The side-effect of river regulation – loss of biodiversity. In: Bloesch, J., Gutknecht, D., Iordache, V. Hydrology and Limnology – another boundary in the Danube River Basin. UNESCO IHP-VI Technical Documents in Hydrology, 75: 60-65.

2004                                                     Top

Mihăilescu S., 2004. The vegetation of the Piatra Craiului mountain and its connexions with other Romanian Carpathian mountains, Colloques Phytosociologique, 38: 1021-1030.

2003                                                     Top

Petrişor I.G., Komnitsas K., Lazăr I., Voicu A., Dobrotă S., Ştefănescu M., 2003.  Biosorption of heavy metals from leachates generated at mine waste disposal sites, European Journal of Mineral Processing and Environmental Protection, 2(3):158-167.


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